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We're the leading integrated agency for the world's biggest games publishers, developers, platforms and entertainment brands. At every stage from insight, ideation and creative, to campaign production, activation, PR and media, we go one step further. Adding a touch of craft, love and magic that delivers results and wins awards.

We play for keeps

For us that’s all about the long game. We’ve been working at the heart of the games industry for over 15 years, and we’ve built a great home where people can flourish. Our team’s genuine passion for the industry results in mind-blowing work that builds ever-stronger relationships with gamers and the gaming community. It also keeps our clients coming back for more.

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We champion happiness

We’ve created a positive and supportive environment where people matter. A place that encourages them to think differently. And have fun doing it.

We dream big because that’s where the good stuff comes from

The smartest thinking. The sharpest creative. Like award-winning campaigns for the world’s best loved games developers, publishers and entertainment brands. It’s why clients choose to stay with us for the long term.


Diva is packed with super-talented, super-friendly folk. When they’re not working up world-class ideas for the latest entertainment release, they can be found keeping their sector knowledge bang up to date, delving into games from every genre, era, and format.

Suzy Barnes Suzy Barnes

Suzy Barnes

Chief Executive Officer - Founder

Suzy Barnes

Chief Executive Officer - Founder

Diva CEO Suzy Barnes drives overall strategy for the business, ensuring we have the right mix of people and products to deliver next level marketing for all of our clients. Her creative mindset and passion for client service makes sure we deliver on our promises.

An entrepreneur at heart, Suzy’s first business was a music talent agency. She has also worked in journalism and had a successful career in agency PR and event management before co-founding Diva in 2007.

Suzy is a strong advocate for creating a better "people experience" in agency businesses and works hard to champion work-life balance, actively implementing people policies that prevent burn out and drive diversity at Diva.

Suzy sticks her hand up a lot. A former local Councillor and School Governor, she currently coaches junior football and is a youth club trustee.

Crucially, she thinks cats are more enlightened than dogs, and is known to enjoy gin and techno. Though not necessarily together.

Andy Barnes Andy Barnes

Andy Barnes

Chief Operating Officer - Founder

Andy Barnes

Chief Operating Officer - Founder

Diva co-founder and COO Andy Barnes has worked in the games industry for nearly 20 years. In that time he has been instrumental in launching and promoting some of the world’s biggest interactive entertainment brands.

His creativity, innovation and attention to detail has led to longstanding relationships with a who’s who of AAA publishers and developers, including Sony PlayStation, Bethesda, Ubisoft, Square Enix, and Activision Blizzard.

Andy is the operations powerhouse as Diva, making sure the studio team and backend system run without a hitch.

He sports the world’s most impressive collection of shoes, plays guitar like Slash’s less talented cousin, and would rather be out on his bike than stuck behind a screen.

Lou Gaynor Lou Gaynor

Lou Gaynor

Executive Director, Media

Lou Gaynor

Executive Director, Media

With 25 years of experience working within the entertainment, media and communications sectors, with a particular focus on games, film and VOD, chances are that if Louis doesn’t know it, it probably isn’t worth knowing.

She previously served as CEO of Target Media and the COO of Target Media and Communications Group. With expertise spanning the creative, production, and publicity domains, she has a deep understanding of how they intertwine with media.

Louise has previously worked with some of the biggest names in the business, including the likes of Bethesda, Square Enix, Studio Canal, Penguin Random House, Curzon Cinema, SEGA, Devolver, NCSoft, Namco Bandai, Konami - to name just a few.

A business development whiz with an entrepreneurial spirit, Louise has a knack for leading the way. With a deep understanding of clients and a passion for staff well-being and growth, she is the driving force behind our burgeoning media operation.

Given her experience, it’s little surprise that she’s garnered a few accolades along the way. She’s was nominated in the MCV Women in Gaming Businesswoman of the Year in 2015 has been included in the Top 100 Women in Gaming multiple times over the years.

Emily Britt Emily Britt

Emily Britt

Senior PR & Comms Advisor

Emily Britt

Senior PR & Comms Advisor

Emily has 20+ years experience in communications for videogames. Emily began as QA tester at GT Interactive, before landing a junior role at Konami.

Emily specialised in International PR, with roles at 2K, Square Enix and The Pokémon Company International. Career highlights have included leading global comms for Crystal Dynamic's Tomb Raider reboot and launching a pop-up Pokémon Centre in Paris. The latter caused massive crowds, stopped traffic and the police were called - eek!

Proud mum of two little boys, recently Emily has balanced parental responsibilities with consultancy clients including BAFTA, Wellcome and McLaren Technologies. She also worked with boutique PR Agency, Renaissance, heading up Corporate and CSR projects. Emily is well connected within the gaming sector, having also served as a Chair and Trustee for GamesAid.

David Lilley David Lilley

David Lilley

Board Advisor

David Lilley

Board Advisor

David Lilley has been in the games industry since September 1988, joining the fledgling magazine publisher in Bath, Future Publishing, followed by internet start-ups throughout the early noughties.

Most recently he led the brilliant team at Gamer Network who successfully took The Eurogamer Expo and made it into EGX, the UKs biggest and best recognised videogames consumer event.

He is responsible at Diva for keeping the brand in firm touch with the changing needs of games producers and gently moving the agency into new territories - be that physically, digitally or philosophically.

He is known for charity haircuts, boozing and enthusiastic but largely incompetent golf.

Nic Roope Nic Roope

Nic Roope

Chief Creative Officer

Nic Roope

Chief Creative Officer

Chief Creative Officer Nic Roope is one of the best strategic thinkers around - a brilliant mix of creativity, long-term vision and operational business nous. He truly understands how brands are constructed and is always providing challenging and thought-provoking solutions. Prior to his work with Diva, Nic co-founded Poke agency (sold to Publicis Group in 2013), where he was part of the core launch team for EE, on the UK brand leadership team for Orange, and was involved in the early days of developing Skype.

Nic is widely recognised for being extremely tall and wearing arguably the coolest glasses, plus there isn’t a cutting-edge London members establishment he can’t get into.

Alex Luff Alex Luff

Alex Luff

Chief Marketing Officer

Alex Luff

Chief Marketing Officer

Having run internationally recognised brand and communication agencies for over 15 years, there are very few brand challenges Alex hasn’t seen and solved. Usually with a complex collection of multi-coloured post-it notes. As Diva’s Brand Director, Alex brings a wealth of experience in supporting creative businesses to understand, shape and activate their brand to engage employees, partners, customers and shareholders alike.

Alex is a globally renowned DJ (you can find him on Spotify) and sits firmly in the dog camp. He is extremely interested in technology with a love of AI and VR.

Rick Sloof Rick Sloof

Rick Sloof

PR & Communications Director

Rick Sloof

PR & Communications Director

Rick Sloof has worked in the entertainment industry for more than twenty years at companies such as Virgin Music, EMI Music, Activision and Gearbox. He handled the PR for artists such as the Rolling Stones, Cradle of Filth and Atomic Kitten and for Activision he worked on bringing Call of Duty, Destiny and Skylanders to the market.

After this he has set up the Gearbox Publishing Amsterdam comms team as Director of Comms EMEA and worked on Homeworld 3, Remnant II and the charming Blanc.

Rick lives in the Netherlands with his wife and two kids, loves Slayer and Snoop Dogg equally and is always on his quest to make the perfect Buffalo Wings.

Client Services
Jack Davis Jack Davis

Jack Davis

Client Partnerships Director

Libby Walker Libby Walker

Libby Walker

Client Brand Director

Gabriella Luciani Gabriella Luciani

Gabriella Luciani

Senior Account Manager

Sam Hibbert Sam Hibbert

Sam Hibbert

Account Director

Joe Crocker Joe Crocker

Joe Crocker

Senior Account Manager

Charlotte Willis Charlotte Willis

Charlotte Willis

Senior PR Account Manager

Paul Weedon Paul Weedon

Paul Weedon

Senior PR Account Manager

Luci Van Bokhorst Luci Van Bokhorst

Luci Van Bokhorst

Global Influencer Manager

Annie Glynn-Jones Annie Glynn-Jones

Annie Glynn-Jones

Account Executive

Henry Galvin-Wright Henry Galvin-Wright

Henry Galvin-Wright

Account Executive

Joe Kozak Joe Kozak

Joe Kozak

Associate Creative Director

Tom Price Tom Price

Tom Price

Technical Director

Mike Peers Mike Peers

Mike Peers

Art Director

Ben Roberts Ben Roberts

Ben Roberts

Motion Lead

Steve Langley Steve Langley

Steve Langley

Senior 3D/Motions Graphic Designer

Céline Smith Céline Smith

Céline Smith

Senior Motions Graphics Designer

Kat Osezuah Kat Osezuah

Kat Osezuah

Senior Designer

Yamen Albadin Yamen Albadin

Yamen Albadin

Lead Creative Developer

Jake Bacon Jake Bacon

Jake Bacon

Senior Designer

Daniel Bamford Daniel Bamford

Daniel Bamford

Art Director

Rogan May Rogan May

Rogan May

Middleweight Motion Designer

Sophie Bruce Sophie Bruce

Sophie Bruce

Junior Designer

Business Operations
Jessica Snipe Jessica Snipe

Jessica Snipe

Finance Manager

Kizz Tims Kizz Tims

Kizz Tims

Office Manager