About Us

We play for keeps

For us that’s all about the long game. We’ve been working at the heart of the games industry for over 15 years, and we’ve built a great home where people can flourish. Our team’s genuine passion for the industry results in mind-blowing work that builds ever-stronger relationships with gamers and the gaming community. It also keeps our clients coming back for more.

We champion happiness

We’ve created a positive and supportive environment where people matter. A place that encourages them to think differently. And have fun doing it.

We dream big because that’s where the good stuff comes from

The smartest thinking. The sharpest creative. Like award-winning campaigns for the world’s best loved games developers, publishers and entertainment brands. It’s why clients choose to stay with us for the long term.


We are a full service integrated agency that takes pride in everything we do, from initial ideas to making your campaign come to life, we always go one step further to add that little extra craft and love.



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  • Creative strategy
  • Brand strategy
  • Media strategy
  • Integrated campaign strategy
  • Social media strategy


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Creative development
  • Concepts
  • Visual Identity & tone of voice
  • Branding
  • Campaigns


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Content Creation
  • Film
  • Live action capture
  • Capture
  • Animation
  • Unreal Engine
  • Design
  • Illustration
  • Print
  • Digital
  • Copywriting


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  • PR
  • Events
  • Global toolkits
  • Localisation services


Diva is packed with super-talented, super-friendly folk. When they’re not working up world-class ideas for the latest entertainment release, they can be found keeping their sector knowledge bang up to date, delving into games from every genre, era, and format.

Client Services
Jack Davis Jack Davis

Jack Davis

Account Director

Gabriella Luciani Gabriella Luciani

Gabriella Luciani

Senior Account Manager

Libby Walker Libby Walker

Libby Walker

Account Director

Adam Allinson Adam Allinson

Adam Allinson

Senior Traffic Manager

Sam Hibbert Sam Hibbert

Sam Hibbert

Senior Account Manager

Paul Weedon Paul Weedon

Paul Weedon

Account Manager

Aaron Rush Aaron Rush

Aaron Rush

Project Manager

Aisling O'Sullivan-Walsh Aisling O'Sullivan-Walsh

Aisling O'Sullivan-Walsh

Account Manager

Jessica Riches Jessica Riches

Jessica Riches

Account Manager

Charlotte Willis Charlotte Willis

Charlotte Willis

Account Manager

Katrina Teobald Katrina Teobald

Katrina Teobald

Junior Project Manager

Mike Peers Mike Peers

Mike Peers

Art & Design Lead

Ben Roberts Ben Roberts

Ben Roberts

Motion Lead

Joe Kozak Joe Kozak

Joe Kozak

Creative Strategy Lead

Tom Price Tom Price

Tom Price

Technical Lead

Steve Langley Steve Langley

Steve Langley

Senior Motion Designer

Max Phillips Max Phillips

Max Phillips

Senior Motion Designer

Shanya Buultjens Shanya Buultjens

Shanya Buultjens

Digital Campaign Specialist

Oscar Beamish Oscar Beamish

Oscar Beamish

Front End Developer

Yamen Albadin Yamen Albadin

Yamen Albadin

Motion and Digital Designer

Simone Vaughan Simone Vaughan

Simone Vaughan

Digital Designer

Kat Osezuah Kat Osezuah

Kat Osezuah

Senior Designer

Joel Keightley Joel Keightley

Joel Keightley


Callum Crew Callum Crew

Callum Crew


Daniel Bamford Daniel Bamford

Daniel Bamford

Junior Art Director

Jake Bacon Jake Bacon

Jake Bacon

Middleweight Designer