What we do

Whether you're building out the brand while in dev, trying to hammer out your positioning, readying a go-to-market launch strategy, or simply want to understand category-specific trends, communities and audiences - then we have the team that can help.


Research, Insight & Planning

Whether you're building out a brand while in dev, readying a go-to-market launch strategy, or simply want to understand the category, it's communities and audiences - then we have the team and toolsets that can help.

Strategy Services

  • Market research
  • Competition Analysis
  • Brand Strategy, Positioning & Planning (Diva 3D)
  • Creative Strategy
  • GTM Comms Planning
  • Category Specialist Consulting
  • Community Engagement Planning
  • GaaS Support
What about the 'metaverse'
We get asked this question a lot: 'I need a metaverse strategy - can you help?'. You probably don't need one but we can definitely help. For starters, why not watch this presentation? Once you've done that, get in touch and let's chat.


Concepts, Ideation & Design

Whether you want to build (or revitalise) a brand, create stunning key art, 3D animation or a standout trailer to launch your product or game with a bang, Diva's award-winning creative team has everything you need to envision and realise your creative ambitions.

Creative Services

  • Creative development
  • Key art creation
  • Trailers (live action, CG, you name it)
  • Design and animation
  • Visual & verbal brand identity
  • Creative strategy & ideation
  • In-game asset development
  • Animation & illustration
  • Motion graphics & 3D
  • Content creation
Putting a ring on it

A Digital 6-sheet. Underground ads. Piccadilly Lights. An entire bus. Elden Ring's UK launch saw us pulling out all the creative stops - developing a campaign for one of 2022's most successful games launches.

Read the full case study here

Meet Joe

Diva’s Associate Creative Director, Joe Kozak, is as comfortable tinkering with tech as he is with a Photoshop flourish. Joe is obsessed with marrying client ambition with creative vision.



Content, Asset Production & Localisation

Global campaign production has been core to Diva's success over the last 15 years. Our proprietary 'Intelligent Production System' takes creative production to the next level. Supporting the biggest publishers, developers and entertainment brands to scale and execute complex global campaign role-outs, with quality multi-format asset localisation at speed.

Production Services

  • Campaign asset development
  • Marketing / social toolkits
  • Influencer toolkits
  • Intelligent production & localisation
  • Print, OOH and DOOH Production
  • Artworking
  • Film production
  • Content production
  • Copywriting & ghost-writing
Pulling out the big guns

Modern Warfare 2's launch saw us rolling out 4,250 assets across 32 territories in RECORD time. All while maintaining the exacting quality standards that both PlayStation and Activision demand. Lucky our Intelligent Production System is designed for assignments just like this. Mission complete!

Meet Tom

Diva’s Technical Director Tom Price, is not only our creative visionary but also our expert in understanding (then activating) multi-market campaigns at scale. He can't get enough of it.



Media Strategy, Planning, Activation and Analysis

Diva Media provides entertainment brands premium media planning and buying, anchored by expert strategy. Exceptional client service and category expertise is our focus and specialism. This ensures we provide our clients with a passionate, dynamic and knowledgeable team delivering meaningful, impactful and effective media campaigns.

Media Services

  • Media Strategy, Planning and Activation Audience Profiling
  • Digital First Implementation & Optimisation
  • Performance Marketing
  • Data Management & Analysis
  • Competition Analysis
  • Media Analysis
  • Campaign Analysis

The mechanics and nuances of reaching, engaging and attracting gamers is highly specific to the culture and context of gaming. If you take a generic media plan to a game campaign you will therefore miss the potential substantially.

The platforms gamers use, the way they engage, the relationships they have with titles and with their tribes, the language, shared experiences, their in-jokes, tropes and memes are all highly evolved, complex and scattered across a million corners of digital space. Reaching this audience is therefore not only a colossal challenge in complexity, it is also one of cultural attunement, so you’re in the right places, saying and doing the right things to be met favourably in that context. Being a specialist in gaming means Diva understands the structural complexity, but also knows how to play in the culture.

Meet Lou

Lou spearheads Diva’s media operation. With 25 years of experience in entertainment, she’s worked with some of the biggest names in gaming, and garnered some impressive accolades along the way.



PR & Comms

Looking to make your title/season/DLC launch the talk of the town? Our PR & Comms team delivers top-notch media relations, influencer outreach, event management and crisis comms to build buzz and a glowing reputation. Let's get started!

PR Services

  • Press Office
  • Community Management
  • Press Releases
  • Press Outreach
  • Corporate Comms
  • Events & Experiential
  • Influencer Management
  • PR Campaigns

Altitude Films

The Mission; to publicise the launch of GOLDENERA to gaming press and influencers. The Deadline; three weeks and counting! This sounds like something only the DIva PR team can handle. Mission Accepted!

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Roucan Events and Content

2022 saw live events come back with a vengeance. Diva were at the front of the queue.

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