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Bandai Namco
Digital/OOH Campaign

If you like it, put a ring on it

For the launch of Elden Ring, we worked closely with Bandai Namco UK to execute their OOH campaign. So closely, in fact, that we worked with a single 4k resolution in-game capture to enhance it for print (you can imagine the excitement in the studio when that dropped in). Fans were waiting with anticipation and any small crumb of information put the community into a frenzy - so why not ride the hype bus with them?

All aboard.

An absolute masterpiece

Anyone that’s played Elden Ring knows just how beautiful The Lands Between can be and we needed to get this across in a scale to match. We enhanced the game capture through detailed art direction, technical skill and craft, and made sure to keep the existing detail and colour in line with the game whilst also separating out the asset into layers so we could position it accurately. It was a lot. From a distance, the creative would look very similar to the game graphics but on closer inspection it looked like an elegant painting with fine brush strokes.

Driving the conversation

This campaign didn’t just have legs - it had wheels. The main OOH activation was a full wrap of London Routemaster buses and the ‘Elden Ring bus’ quickly became a thing of legend. A single tweet from someone simply sighting the bus wrap for the first time gained 14,000 likes and it was incredibly well received by both the press and gaming community.

Pulling out all the (bus) stops

Bandai Namco UK didn’t stop at the bus though. They knew that a game this big needed a big campaign to match. They had also booked a national digital 6 sheet, London Underground placements and the prestigious Piccadilly Lights. So, as part of our enhancement work on the game capture, we separated the artwork into layers to ensure it could be positioned accurately and effectively on every placement.

Spreading the lore

Fans were excited from the get-go but we also needed to reach a wider audience. We did this by focusing on the dragon artwork on the bus wrap as it was important to get across the fantasy elements for the broad audience we were reaching within this channel. We also featured quotes from one of the game's creators and author of the Game of Thrones series, George R.R. Martin, to highlight the lore that the game is based upon.