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Altitude Films
PR Campaign

For Your Eyes Only

No sooner than Diva’s newly created in-house games specialist PR team had landed, the red phone started to ring… Entertainment icons don’t get much bigger than James Bond and gaming legends certainly don’t get much bigger than 007 GoldenEye. So when Altitude Entertainment needed media relations to launch the documentary on the making of a Nintendo 64 classic and its influence on the games industry, Diva accepted the assignment.

You Know The Name. You Know The Number.

Our first task was raising awareness around the film’s release in key gaming, tech, culture and film press. The documentary was essentially top secret at the time, with no reviews and very little press coverage. And we had just three weeks from brief to launch to put together a plan.

Diamonds Are Forever.

GoldenEye’s nostalgia factor was always going to be a big factor when it came to speaking to the press. So we set about identifying and arranging partnership opportunities with exactly the right influencers within UK gaming spaces who would best advocate on the film’s behalf, because they loved Bond, the original game or both.

Licence To Kill

Once we’d identified our perfect targets, we put together a plan that would include a world-exclusive trailer launch on exclusive coverage from IGN, supporting art assets, interviews with MCV and The Lowdown and a promo organised with the National Videogame Museum, plus an array of various influencer pieces designed to reach the long tail of potential interest. Once the word was out, GoldenEra’s cover was blown - which is exactly what was needed to get the desired scale of attention.

Nobody Does It Better

GoldenEra’s launch went on to be covered in 56 articles around the globe, achieving a 1.6 Bn reach, with top territories being the US and UK. The film also received coverage in Forbes, as well as high profile social media activity from the likes of IGN and Eurogamer. Additional social media buzz was generated from our ‘Game Genres’ graphic, while our network of influencers reached a combined total of 1.6m subscribers.

Diva’s PR team’s first mission accomplished! As we stroked our long haired cat in a slow, slightly sinister fashion, we knew we’d demonstrated that our games native PR offering could now train on any target. Whohahahaha haa!!



Reach with top territories being US and UK


Articles around the globe


Combined network of influencer subscribers