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Aardman + Netflix
Launch Campaign

A helping hand

The opportunity to assist Netflix with promoting Aardman’s latest animated short, Robin Robin, was irresistible. After all, we l​​ove Aardman. It’s not just the Bristol connection either. Their creative spirit has always chimed with what Diva does best - we create.

Here's how our idea for their festive tale took flight.

Robin Robin was different

Much like its main character, a Robin that thinks it’s a mouse, Robin Robin stood out from previous Aardman stories. With a unique look of its own, we wanted to create a campaign that did things a little out of the ordinary.

Spreading the message

Robin Robin’s heartwarming story of inclusivity and its celebration of nature inspired everything we did. We wanted to honour the film’s environmental message and explore ways in which we could benefit the world around us.

Community was key

We worked with Bristol Sport to help fund a programme supporting disadvantaged young people. The initiative taught them how to cook Christmas dinner and provided them with ingredients to take home for their families.

Keeping things artsy

You can’t work on an Aardman IP and not do something with street art in Bristol. It’s an unwritten rule. Collaborating with Upfest and artist Alex Lucas, we devised a mural trail through the streets of Bedminster, showcasing Robin Robin’s cast of colourful characters.

And where would we be without the birds?

Our real-life feathered friends got a look in too. Partnering with the RSPB, we rolled out billboards with birdseed attached to them, inviting passersby to feed their winged friends.

We even got to see them dine in style

You’ve heard of Netflix. Well we invented #NESTFLIX, a feathery interactive Twitter live stream where our feathered friends dined out in front of a captive audience. Fun facts and trivia kept viewers entertained and informed while our friends tucked in.