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Bandai Namco
Live Action Trailer

A trick of the mind

When Bandai Namco wanted to create a trailer for the sequel to 2017’s Little Nightmares, we decided to do something unique. After all, we love horror. It’s ripe for weird and wonderful creativity, and the world of Little Nightmares is no exception. Some trailers tip-toe around the creepy stuff. We wanted to do something genuinely chilling.

Here’s what happened when Diva went head-to-head with Derren Brown.

It started with a dream5>

The world of dreams and nightmares felt like too enticing a prospect not to want to dig a little deeper. A traditional trailer wasn’t going to cut it. We wanted to get people talking. What are dreams? What do they mean? How can we make that compelling?

Enter Derren Brown

In our mind, there was only one person who could explain the world of the subconscious: Derren Brown. We mapped out the storyboard, wrote the script and Bandai Namco pitched the idea to him. He loved it. The stage was set.

Warping reality

The scenario would seamlessly blend the real world with that of Little Nightmares. Derren addresses the viewer directly, explaining the nature of dreams and their influence on reality. The twist? He’s sat in an environment from the game and the monsters are encroaching as he delivers his monologue.

COVID was at the front of everyone’s minds

Remote working on major campaigns is one thing, but mid-pandemic film shoots were another thing entirely. The shoot was conducted within restrictions, operating a closed set, open only to production and Derren himself.

A dream come true

After four weeks of post-production, the trailer was met with a hugely positive reception from the gaming community. Little Nightmares 2 saw a surge in pre-orders and attracted attention and commentary from gamers and non-gamers alike.