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Secret Mode
Logo & Key Art Creation

A Mysterious Request

When Secret Mode approached us with a request to create key art and a logo for an untitled party game title they were working on, we were naturally curious. It needed to represent a bright, vibrant and playful tone.

That’s all we knew.

Kicking Things Into Gear

All would soon become clear. Turbo Golf Racing was a frenetic blend of high octane racing and everyone’s favourite sport. It was important to strike a balance between both aspects, setting the experience apart from the competition. A “less is more” approach was going to be key.

Going Turbo

Diva would need to develop our initial concepts into an eye-popping piece of key art that captured the spirit of the game in just under three weeks. We had very limited assets to work with, so we started by scamping our initial ideas, which the client loved. We then proceeded to work these up into full 3D renders, which we paired with a sleek new logo.

A Hole In One

Secret Mode were thrilled with the results, remarking on the speed with which we were able to work everything up from start to finish.