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Diva Game Jam 2023

Being Gaming Native means more than just knowing games. We make them too.

By Paul Weedon

9 Aug 2023 - 5 min read

As is now customary, Diva celebrated the so-called summer season last week with its second annual game jam. The brief was simple: Come up with an idea for a video game within a set of clearly defined mechanics. The long-term ambition? Turn the winning idea, selected by our 'esteemed' panel of judges, into an actual, playable game.

Splitting into five teams, each had to come up with a premise, a title, an overarching look and feel and an overview of how the game’s core mechanics actually work. The teams were asked to consider the game’s brand proposition. Who was it for? What were its brand pillars? How would we define its tone and personality? That’s enough of a challenge for major studios to consider over the course of a matter of years. Our teams had just 3.5 hours.

Armed with poster boards, scissors, sticky tape and generative AI, our teams were judged based on the quality of their ideas, their uniqueness of presentation and their overall brand definition and audience suitability.

After five uniquely different pitch presentations, our panel of judges; Andy Barnes - COO & Founder, Suzy Barnes - CEO & Founder, Libby Walker - Client Brand Director, Tom Price - Technical Director and Mike Peers - Art Director, had a difficult decision on their hands. All of the ideas had legs, but only one could be crowned the winner.

The big announcement would have to wait, however.

Following the pitches, Team Diva was whisked away on a TeamQuest adventure, working in groups to sprint across the rainy city of Bristol, collecting points in exchange for an array of 'leave your dignity at home'-type stunts. Was it worth it? You’d have to ask the winning team, whose medals remained firmly around their necks for the duration of the evening Agency dinner and drinks.

As for our winners? Well, you'll have to watch this space over the coming months to find out more. We'll be busy over the next few months as we start building our idea ready for a big reveal. Rest assured though, we can't wait to share it with you.

In the meantime, if you have any questions about building, branding or taking your own game to market (or want to be nosy and hear more about our ideas), get in touch, suffice to say, we're always open to sharing our games knowledge.