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Playable Futures: LIVE

What does leadership mean in games in 2022 and beyond?

5 May 2022 - 2 min read

On the opening day of the WASD Video Games Expo 2022, Diva was proud to present - and host - the first IRL version of Playable Futures, aka Playable Futures LIVE.

At Diva, we believe the only way the industry will continue to grow at its current rate is with strong leadership grounded in meaningful values.

For this inaugural in-person version of the Playable Futures series, we wanted to speak to veteran industry leaders and ask them what the future of play looks like through that lens of leadership and values.

Our Chief Strategy Officer, James Whatley, hosts Thunderful CEO, Agostino Simonetta, industry consultant and diversity ambassador Gina Jackson OBE, and Curve Games CEO, John Clark, to address these questions.

This wide-ranging conversation covers everything from the industry talent shortage, gender pay gap, mental health vs crunch, DE&I, and ultimately, what it means to be a leader in games in 2022 and beyond.

We enjoyed hosting Ago, Gina, and John for this important discussion - and we hope you enjoy it too.

Playable Futures is a collection of insights, interviews and articles from global games leaders sharing their visions of where the industry and medium will go next.