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Playable Futures: Game Publishing in the Post-Publishing Era

Thunderful Group’s Chief Games Officer Agostino Simonetta considers a future for game publishing defined by grand opportunity and grand changes.

By Diva Team

28 Sep 2022 - 3 min read has published the latest article in our shared Playable Futures series, produced in partnership with UKIE and Sumo Group.

It’s written by Agostino Simonetta, who is Thunderful Group’s Chief Games Officer (we're not jealous of this title at all, oh no!).

In the article, Agostino discusses the emergence of a new kind of player that will radically change the shape of publishing and how we think about it.

That is the emergence of the player-creator:

“From people building and sharing content in Minecraft, to modding, to user generated content, we are on a path where people are going from being consumers of content, to creators of content. The tools and platforms are increasingly available for them to do this, and it goes well beyond games themselves.”

At Diva we love this article as - given we live and breathe gaming communities ourselves - we can see a world of exciting possibilities for the future of games. We are interested to see what happens as our beloved sector evolves, and are open to the possibility that some of us can get involved through their own gaming communities - possibly making Chief Games Officers of us all. One thing is for sure: the Future, whatever it brings, will still be Playable!

This is the concluding article in the Playable Future series. Diva, UKIE and Sumo Group have proudly worked with alongside and the legend that is Will Freeman to produce this series of articles, which can be found here on our website, or at GamesIndustry,biz.

Watch this space, as there’s more to come from Playable Futures in the coming months...



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Playable Futures is a collection of insights, interviews and articles from global games leaders sharing their visions of where the industry and medium will go next. These articles were initially published on, and have been brought to you in partnership with Sumo Group, Ukie and Diva.