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Epic Games Publishing
Digital Campaign

New Beginnings

This was our first time working with Epic Games Publishing, and what better introduction than a classic? A deep and brooding thriller needed the right balance of intrigue. We had to draw in new players without giving away the mystery, while providing a knowing wink to those who knew the ins and outs of Alan Wake’s story.

Let's dive in.

An ocean of opportunities

Diva came aboard immediately after Alan Wake Remastered’s announcement, so there was a captive audience ready to go. We were asked to develop creative social assets to help promote pre-orders - straightforward enough. But we also needed to give back to a passionate and loyal community who were looking for references in every nook and cranny.

A knowing wink

It had been over 11 years since Alan Wake originally launched, but the fan community was still going strong. Waking up previously dormant social channels was going to make a big statement and we needed to give the fans something to make it worth the wait.

Passing the torch

A remaster of a beloved title was bound to attract new players and those that missed out first time around. We started by identifying audiences who could be interested in Alan’s adventure. This helped us create a plan to reach a wider audience who were ready to dive into the mystery. Some of them just didn’t know it yet.

How best to show off a cinematic masterpiece?

Downloadable, hand drawn cinematic posters including iconic quotes and original artwork gave Alan Wake’s loyal fanbase something familiar but fresh. We wanted them to feel thrilled to jump back into the story they know and love.

Welcoming you to Bright Falls

Building hype is what we do best. We created a set of subtle motion countdown assets to get existing players excited and to energise new players to be involved in the moment.

A story come to life

Community was key to this campaign, so who better to promote the game than the fans themselves? We created video and static accolade assets that utilised community quotes to help build trust in the title for a new audience.