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Two Point Studios
Launch Trailer

Eraduating With Honours Day

When the team at Two Point Studios approached us to work on the launch trailer for Two Point Campus, we knew there would be good chemistry. After all, we like chemistry puns as much as the next person, but only periodically, you understand.

The pun is mightier than the sword

Two Point’s brand of humour was well established when we came aboard. This was the perfect starting point for our idea: a commencement speech gone awry. When TPS secured the vocal talents of Diane Morgan, we set about crafting a script that would capture her unique comedic tone. We even collaborated with Two Point’s in-house writing team to make sure the gags stayed on point.

Enrolling in style

When using character models captured using in-game engines, it is critical to approach the storyboard and animatic phase for a CG trailer with considerable care. In this case, many of the initial storyboard frames came incredibly close to the final renders.

Getting animated

TPS were keen to emulate the charming, irreverent and self-deprecating tone of British sitcoms. Taking 3D models supplied to us by the studio, we set about bringing them to life using keyframe animation in Maya, incorporating the subtle nuances of movement that would honour these old sitcom references.

Passing with flying colours

Two Point was built in Unity, so in order to attain the visual fidelity of the characters and scenery that we wanted for the final output, we worked in Cinema 4D to use the full power of Octane.