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Activision Blizzard
Global Integrated Campaign

An assault on the senses

Activision is our longest standing client and we’ve been on hand for many a Call of Duty launch so we know the drill. Every new release is always met with massive hype so we needed to keep that buzz going strong.

Let’s drop in.

Adapting to the situation

We were asked to take the truly cinematic key art for Call of Duty: Vanguard and adapt it for OOH and DOOH placements across four key territories. However, this rollout was going to be no usual undertaking as bespoke placements and multiple placements in close proximity required closer attention to detail.

Scoping out a new approach

Activision was keen for us to take a fresh creative approach for this new entry to the franchise. We were provided with alternate key arts and were given scope for variations on the standard design so we could really make every placement stand out in the best possible way.

The art of war

Alongside the standard OOH and DOOH rollout, we were also asked to conceptualise and develop large scale murals in London and Berlin that were then interpreted by local artists onto the sides of buildings. These huge pieces were truly bespoke and immortalised characters from the game who were inspired by real life war heroes - no pressure, then.

Honouring our heroes

Each of the main characters in Call of Duty: Vanguard are based on real people across five fronts from the Second World War. The broad range of characters all had different backgrounds and were representative of the variety of people that fought in the war. So showcasing and championing these characters was always our number one priority throughout the campaign.

Respecting sensitivities was key

However, a game about war had to be handled appropriately and respectfully. A full takeover of the Paris Metro meant that we needed to be considerate of sensitivities around weapons. Being given scope for different approaches meant that we could use alternate key art to ensure we continued championing the main characters but without their guns. We honed in on the game’s tagline ‘RISE UP ON EVERY FRONT’ for this takeover to represent everyone that fought in the war and to really focus on the breadth of the game.