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Square Enix
Global Integrated Launch Campaign

Saving the galaxy in style

After a barnstorming campaign for the Avengers in 2020, it seemed fair to grant the Guardians of the Galaxy the same courtesy. So when Square Enix approached us to help promote their latest adventure around the globe, we knew just what to do.

Here's how we did it.

The Guardians wanted the works

Working across ten territories, POS, digital, and out of home would all play a part in putting the Guardians on the map. We started out with the game’s gorgeous key art. Our first port of call was to adapt it for the various different sizes and formats.

It was no small undertaking

With nearly 400 digital assets to deliver, we had a lot to get stuck into. Add 20 POS deliverables and seven bespoke German out of home placements to the mix and you’ve got quite the campaign.

We made the gang look good

Maximising key art for a major campaign toolkit is key. It’s often quite a prescriptive process, so we were thrilled to hear that the client was open to us experimenting with what we could do.

Going above and beyond

When it came to POS, we concepted and presented several ideas that really pushed what the key art could do. And the client loved it. Feeling inspired, we pushed to add some messaging variation on digital, which helped keep things fresh and exciting. After all, it’s the differences that make the Guardians so special, isn’t it?